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Report from Bioforum 2011, Lodz — The biggest biotechnology event in central Europe.

This was a very successful two day show for Biosan. Visitors to the stand expressed great interest in BioSan products on display and also the live molecular biology techniques being demonstrated.

Details as follows:


Live demonstration of Real-time NASBA (Nucleic Acid Based-Sequence Aplification)

What is NASBA?

During the exhibition Biosan development scientists demonstrated the end-to-end process involved in Real-time NASBA using innovative products from its life-science range:

  • A standard centrifuge-vortex MSC-6000
  • A prototype of a programmable thermostat
  • A modified fluorometer ALA-1/4T
  • New software for ALA-1/4T for monitoring and analyzing Real-time NASBA

The process is illustrated below:

Poster Article on NASBA

NASBA Live Video from Bioforum 2011 Exhibtion


Efficiency of UV Cabinets for PCR operations

In addition, visitors to the stand were able to watch an informative video and article describing the functionality and efficiency of Biosan's range of UV cabinets for PCR operations. Highlights of the video included the important role of UV air recirculator in PCR cabinet operations and the DNA amplicon decontamination efficiency.

UV Cabinets Poster

Video of Efficiency of DNA amplicons decontamination experiment


Pictures from the Bioforum 2011




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